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  • 01*'Rebel Rebel' David Bowie - Morgan Howell Print
  • 01*'Rebel Rebel' David Bowie - Morgan Howell Print
  • 01*'Rebel Rebel' David Bowie - Morgan Howell Print
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'Rebel Rebel' David Bowie - Morgan Howell Print

Catalogue No: DB001MOHOGIFT Category: Framed Prints Framed: Yes Artist(s): David Bowie

This is a limited edition signed print made from the orginal Supersize 3D painting by artist Morgan Howell. Morgan creates original paintings of classic seven-inch singles. This print is from his painting of the cover sleeve for David Bowie's 1974 single 'Rebel Rebel'. It features the artwork with the following wording underneath.

‘Rebel Rebel’ was the last single in the glam rock style that had been Bowie’s trademark. Bowie played guitar on this and almost all other tracks from Diamond Dogs, creating “a rocking dirty noise that owed as much to Keith Richards as it did to the departed Mick Ronson”. The song is notable for its gender-bending lyrics ("You got your mother in a whirl / She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl") as well as its distinctive riff, Bowie himself later said, "It's a fabulous riff! Just fabulous! When I stumbled onto it, it was Oh, thank you!"

This print is available in a limited edition of 75.

Our pictures show both the framed and unframed options plus the original Supersize painting that the limited edition print was made from. The framed option is framed to order in a high quality, black wood grain frame with gallery quality perspex. The print will be strung and arrives ready to be hung.

Framed size: 59cm x 43cm
Unframed size: 48cm x 33cm

Size Price ex. vat Price inc. vat

Unframed £162.50 £195.00
Framed £229.17 £275.00
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