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Lou Reed

Lou Reed was one of music's most influential icons. His music defied all definitions of genre, but was influenced by punk rock, yet attracted millions of fans and left a lasting legacy that has inspired generations of musicians.

Born Lewis Allen Reed, Lou Reed grew up in New York. He became lead guitarist and vocalist for The Velvet Underground and after leaving the band in 1970 went on to be a solo artist in a career that lasted five decades. His second solo album, Transformer released in 1972 was produced by David Bowie, arranged by Mick Ronson and continues to be regarded as one of the most iconic albums of all time. Transformer brought Lou Reed mainstream recognition anchored by his most successful single 'A Walk on the Wild Side'. He went one to release a further eighteen solo albums and sadly died in October 2013.

Martyn Scorsese stated "Lou’s lyrics have two lives: as they are sung and heard, and as they are read on the printed page. And I think that they could only have come from someone who grew up in the New York area and came of age in Manhattan, who moved and wrote and sang from the pulse of life in this city."

Rockarchive are proud to have some of the most iconic images of Lou Reed taken by Mick Rock in our collection

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