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  • Beatles, The (SPINES004KEHA)
  • Prince Spines print created by artist Keith Haynes

Keith Haynes

London born Keith Haynes is a contemporary artist whose work is driven by a passion for music and design. Nostalgic and playful, Keith's work has carved a distinctive niche in Pop Art culture, blending subject and object through his use of the 'clutter' of popular culture - button badges, album covers and vinyl records.

Keith recalls, “My introduction to art was through the graphic design of people like Jamie Reid and Ray Lowry which I collected on record sleeves, t-shirts and badges. These were the people that inspired me to go to art school”.

With his love of graphic design, Keith creates work of striking visual acuity, playing with texture, colour and composition to create an eye-catching aesthetic. Retrospective and yet also forward-looking, he has found a delicate way of holding onto our tactile past, refusing the onslaught of digitalisation. 

Whether it's a graphically iconic portrait, a map or song lyric, each piece is created from a material that enhances the subject matter.

Keith's work has been exhibited extensively in the UK and overseas and can be found in private collections in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia & Australia.


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