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Julie Gardner

Julie Gardner is a multitalented, multi skilled artist, live concert film producer, studio engineer, photographer, designer and artist.

Ms. Gardner began her career as a Studio Engineer in Sydney during the late 80’s. Relocating to London in the early 90’s, she worked as a recording/mixing engineer at Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Studios, Townhouse, Olympic and The Manor. In 1997, she left and started her own production company www.jamdvd.com recording bands live at venues, then bringing audio and visual back to Jam’s own post production facilities to mix audio sync-to-picture in surround sound, producing live multi-camera music shoots and all visual postproduction for DVD, Blu-ray, TV, and CD releases.

In 2010 she received Grammy recognition for her engineering work with Chrissie Hynde on the Blind Boys of Alabama Grammy winner “Go Tell It On The Mountain” album. In a long recording/mixing music career, Julie has worked with some the most successful recording artists and bands, among them Neil Young, Van Morrison, Stephen Stills, Elvis Costello, Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders, Joe Jackson, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Gary Moore, Deep Purple, John Legend, Busted, Blur and The Cranberries to name just a few; working on multi platinum winning and No.1 selling records.

Julie began photographing Neil Young from 2009 - 2015, capturing him both on tour and behindthe-scenes on his myriad travels around the world. As part of Neil’s inner ‘family’ circle, her virtually unlimited access has created what is arguably the largest collection of recent Neil Young images available. Her photographs have appeared in many magazines and contributed to Mr. Young’s online and printed campaigns. She has had a number of successful photography exhibitions selling her Neil Young photographs as well as other equally famous musicians throughout America.

Julie now resides in Los Angeles. She is the owner and creator of “Obscura Designs”. Quite simply, this is an art form wherein her photographic images are projected onto exquisite, natural fiber fabrics. The results are stunning collections of luxury wearable clothing and accessories. These sumptuous pieces of art to be worn, feature imagery borne of this artist’s global journey.

As an artist, Julie has recently created a body of work that uses multiple formats to tell stories of life’s journeys. When completed this project will include a large coffee table book, art exhibition, clothing lines and more. Every facet of this project will tell the story using their different ways and like us, are all connected to the base story.

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