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  • Artwork by Storm Thorgerson for Thornley's album Come Again


Thornley was a Canadian post-grunge/hard rock band formed by Ian Thornley in 2002. The band was started when Thornley returned to Toronto after the break-up of his earlier band, Big Wreck. With the help of Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, Thornley signed to Kroeger's 604 Records. The last line-up of the band as Thornley had Paulo Neta (guitar), Dave McMillan (bass guitar), Christopher Henry (drums) and the former member of Big Wreck Brian Doherty (guitar). As of 2010, this line-up plays under the name Big Wreck.

The band's first album, Come Again, was produced by Gavin Brown, and released on 604 Records in 2004. Thornley toured North America extensively after the album was released and Come Again was certified gold in Canada, while also producing two No. 1 singles ("So Far So Good" and "Come Again"). Thornley was nominated for two Juno Awards in the wake of Come Again: New Group of the Year and Rock Album of the Year.

Thornley has stated in interviews that the return to the name "Big Wreck" serves to signal a shift from trying to write singles and write for maximum commercial success. This is an oblique reference to his time at the label of the Nickelback front man, himself known for admitting to writing to a formula that will provide maximum sales.


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