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  • Selector on their UK Tour in 1980

The Selecter

Formed in 1979, The Selecter is a legendary British 2 Tone ska revival band that played a pivotal role in shaping the sound and spirit of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Founded by guitarist Neol Davis and helmed by charismatic lead singer Pauline Black, the band shared a passion for ska, punk, and reggae, and sought to create a fusion that would define the burgeoning 2 Tone movement.

The Selecter made an immediate impact with their first single, 'On My Radio,' released in 1979. The song became an anthem of the 2 Tone movement, with its infectious melody and Pauline Black's powerful vocals capturing the attention of music lovers across the UK and beyond. The band's sound was a unique blend of punk-inspired energy and ska rhythms mixed with socially conscious lyrics, and they quickly gained a reputation for their commanding live performances.

The Selecter's debut album, 'Too Much Pressure' in 1980, solidified their reputation as one of the leading forces in the 2 Tone genre. Featuring a mix of catchy ska tunes and politically charged tracks, the album showcased the band's musical prowess and commitment to addressing social issues. Songs like "Three Minute Hero' became a rallying cry for a generation grappling with the socio-political challenges of the time and the title track, 'Too Much Pressure,' remains a classic in the ska genre, embodying the band's rebellious spirit and musical innovation.

Beyond their musical contributions, The Selecter played a crucial role in promoting racial and gender diversity within the music industry. They challenged stereotypes and promoted unity through their music and message.

While Selecter experienced lineup changes over the years, Pauline Black has remained a consistent force, ensuring the band's continued legacy. With their infectious beats and socially conscious lyrics, The Selecter stands as a testament to the enduring power of music to inspire change and unite people across generations.

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