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  • Smiths, The (SM001SWRI)
  • Smiths, The (SM002SWRI)
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  • Colour collage print of The Smiths stood outside Salford Lads Club.
  • Smiths, The (SW003SWRI)

Stephen Wright

In Stephen's own words "I started shooting live bands in Manchester in the early 80’s and then moved back down south eight years later. It was catching musicians live that I loved most."

"I shot The Smiths ‘live’ several times and sent the shots down to Rough Trade. The first show was at the Free Trade Hall and was truly magnificent.  A riotous moving audience meant taking photos was hard and I only had two lenses and one roll of film. However I did manage to capture an image of Morrissey’s rear with flowers hanging from his jeans which has since been voted a famous rock shot by the NME. So a year or so later I had a call asking me to do a session with The Smiths for a possible album sleeve. This led to me take my most iconic shot, the image of The Smiths outside Salford Lads' Club that graces the inner sleeve of their classic album 'The Queen is Dead'."

Stephen's iconic image is now housed in the National Portrait Gallery, Manchester Art Gallery & the Salford Art Gallery. Other artists Stephen has shot include Prince, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, U2, John Lydon, Public Image Ltd, James Brown, Madonna, Stevie Wonder plus many more.

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