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  • Joe Strummer (CL001PHNI)
  • Amy Winehouse backstage at the Louisianna, Bristol in 2003 photographed by Phil Nicholls
  • Courtney Love (COUR001PHNI)
  • Nick Cave (NC001PHNI)
  • Nick Cave (NC002PHNI)
  • Prodigy, The (PROD001PHNI)
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers (CP001PHNI)
  • Run-D.M.C (RUNDMC001PHNI)

Phil Nicholls

In the early 80’s whilst studying at art school, Phil Nicholls was given stage access (with his beloved Pentax MX camera) by Echo and The Bunnymen and never looked back. Photographing anything related to the music scene became an obsession.

In 1985, not long after leaving Bath Academy of Art, he received his first break in the music business scooping the Zigzag/Pentax Photographer of the Year Rock Portrait Award. This took him to London beginning his career as a freelance music photographer where he got to work with some of his heroes, Joe Strummer being right there at the top of the list!

Phil joined weekly music paper Melody Maker in 1985, staying with them until 1997 when he decided to focus more on other commissions, still working with bands but extending into fashion, advertising and even a brief stint as a photographer during The Balkans conflict. A lifelong music-lover, he eventually abandoned those other genres and specialised once again.

Today, he’s still as happy as ever in a photo-pit at a gig, in the studio or on location with a band.

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