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Otto Kitsinger

Otto Kitsinger is a freelance photographer based in Boise, Idaho. His main passion is performance based photography, that's his real gift. He has a rare talend and has developed the ability to convery this into his live performance photographs

It is almost a contradiction in terms. Rock and roll is all about the music and not a visual medium (not primarily, anyhow), but rock concerts are all about the music, the moment, the fans and most importantly the kinetic energy.

Otto has spent a lot of time and sacrificed unencumbered views of dozens of concerts in order to let thousands of us see what he saw when it comes to capturing the essence of a really good performance.

He treasures moments when the light frames a band member's face like a nimbus. You learn he doesn't value technical perfection over emotional impact. He sees beauty in out of focus photos or ones where the colors bleed.


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