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Clare Muller

Born and raised in London NW1, Clare Muller went to school with people who wanted to be pop/rock stars in the early 80's (Madness, Body Snatchers, etc). With no musical ability and no aptitude for being a groupie, she followed her mates around taking pictures and generally getting in the way.

On the suggestion of Miranda from the 2- tone band , the Bodysnatchers she took a carrier bag of gig shots to Stiff records who amazingly offered her a job  documenting a tour starting the next week. The love affair with photography begins. She shot live/portraiture for NME , SMASH  HITS and THE  FACE and worked on many classic pop videos as a stills photographer.

For the next decade clare photographed many great bands and artists: from The Smiths (morrisey/marr) , Annie Lennox, Paul Weller Billy Idol, the Clash, Queen and Madness , to icons such as Sir Cliff Richard and Neil Kinnock! When the hair and make-up and styling became more important than the music and the 'first 3 songs'. rule came to be, she realised the party was over for the reportage, realism inspired shots Clare enjoyed taking and it was time to do something else involving less shoulder-pads and back-combing.

She worked as a 16 mm camera operator on many pop promos and shot and co-directed a  documentary film and traveled extensively with a still and movie camera. A serious accident in 1995 meant Clare was out of action for the best part of a decade but she is now back at work, taking pictures and has recently completed a project  photographing the great and good in Media broadcasting, news  reporting and literature and is enjoying hanging out with grown-ups.

That being said she has, of late worked with Will Young, Dido, Natalie Imbruglia , Charlotte Church and Emma Bunting and still keeps her options open...................after all rock/music  photography is REALLY GOOD FUN!

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