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  • Mumford and Sons (MANS001TYJO)

Mumford and Sons

Mumford and Sons is a British band at the forefront of the 21st Century folk revival. The quartet was formed in West London in 2007 by singer, guitarist and drummer Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett (vocals, keyboard), Ted Dwane (vocals, guitar, double bass) and Winston Marshall (vocals, guitar, banjo) when they bonded over their shared love of roots music. They chose the name Mumford and Sons to give the impression of an established, old-fashioned family business.

In 2008 the band played their first Glastonbury Festival and released their debut EP, 'Love Your Ground', after which the band quickly acquired a global fan base. They released their debut album 'Sigh No More' in October 2009. The album included the song 'Little Lion Man' which was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song.

They have since released two more studio albums 'Babel' and 'Wilder Mind'. The former won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year and became the fastest-selling rock album of the decade. This success led to a headline performance at the Glastonbury Festival and the Brit Award for Best British Group in 2013.


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