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Martyn Goodacre

It was while squatting in London in the ’80s that Martyn Goodacre became interested in photography. He began shooting pictures of street people but it was a Henry Rollins gig that inspired him to shoot his first concert and move into music portraiture. From 1989 through to 2001 he became a regular freelancer for the NME, The Independent on Sunday and Japanese magazines Rockin On and Buzz amongst others. During this time he also played in the band ’Fabulous’ and formed the British punk label ’Kinglake’.

In 1995 Martyn went with former NME Editor and Fabulous manager James Brown to the new Loaded magazine where he was sent around the world with no brief other than to send back photos and words about what he got up to. He covered the musicians who shaped the 1990s with an archive that spans the full breadth of the decade, from guitar rock to dance to hip hop.

In addition to his magazine work, Martyn has been commissioned to shoot record sleeves for Groove Armada, Eric Matthews, Moco and Shane McGowan amongst others. In 2001 his work was published in the book ’Nirvana and Winterlude’. He continues freelancing for Channel 4, NME, Jack, Maxim and Bizarre. His pictures are published worldwide.



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