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Andy Willsher

Given the choice at school on a Wednesday afternoon of joining the army or alternatively the slightly over-subscribed photography course, I'm glad to say there were no hot spoons and polish for me. Growing up in Bedford among like-minded music enthusiasts I became totally obsessed with David Bowie as well as pretty much all of the Goth bands of the late 80’s (which I probably shouldn't be admitting). Luckily there was a small music venue in town and most of the [Goth] bands played there. 'The perfect scenario' I thought; I’ll go along and take some pictures. So the likes of 'Ghostdance', 'Zodiac Mindwarp', 'Fields of 'The Nephilim' (and many more people dressed in black throwing flower everywhere) started my portfolio.

I decided to ignore college and get a proper job so I could afford the next Canon model I’d been craving. Whilst working at Barclays Bank in the West End, I took a holiday to follow a band called 'The Hollow Men' around the far reaches of Scotland and Ireland. I decided from that point that this was the life for me. One step further down the line I was working in my local camera shop to try and gain some knowledge. I think it was around this time I started printing up my own pictures and sending them to the music press in the vain hope they’d want to use one.

Finally that time arrived and after a few shots had been published I got a phone call from NME Towers; 'Do you fancy shooting 'The Family Cat' at a school in Crewe?'(!). How could I refuse?

Well that was a long time ago and I’m still there at NME Towers a good many years later. I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world shooting bands. I must admit the technical side of photography still confuses the hell out of me but if you’re there when the action happens you should get something!

Apart from the NME stuff, I’ve been documenting Razorlight's rise to international fame and hopefully in the next year or so I’ll have a book out there on the shelves – sitting next to the other photographers who inspired me. Such as, Anton Corbijn, Ellen Von Unworth, Pennie Smith and Mick Rock.


Arctic Monkeys (ARCM002AW)

Arctic Monkeys

This photo was taken prior to the release of their first single, Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys on their own 'Bang Bang' label.

Prices from £200.00
Coldplay (CD001AW)


Coldplay performing at T in the Park in Scotland in 2011

Prices from £200.00
Foo Fighters (FOOF002AW)

Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters backstage before a gig at the Student Union Bar, University of London Union in August 2002.

Prices from £150.00
Johnny Borrell (RL003AW)

Johnny Borrell

Johnny Borrell from Razorlight recording a track for the Warchild album at Olympic Studios, London in September 2005.

Prices from £350.00
Libertines, The (PDOH002AW)

The Libertines

"Pete at his flat in Farringdon, while I was photographing him he wrote Forever on the wall, which added poignancy to the shot."

Prices from £350.00
Stereophonics (STER001AW)


Stereophonics bassist Richard Jones, drummer Stuart Cable and singer Kelly Jones captured in Wales in 1999

Prices from £200.00
White Stripes (WS001AW)

White Stripes

The White Stripes before their gig at an amphitheatre in Berkeley, San Francisco in September 2004.

Prices from £250.00

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Backstage at the video shoot for the hit single 'You'll See' shot in Spain, October 1995

Prices from £150.00

Bruce Springteen

Bruce Springsteen onstage at Ahoy, Rotterdam during The River Tour in 1981

Prices from £350.00

Jimi Hendrix

The Jimi Hendrix Experience performing at the Woburn Music Festival in July 1968

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Run-D.M.C. on a shoot for The Face magazine in their home neighbourhood of Hollis, Queens in 1984.

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The Beatles

The Beatles having fun at Cliveden House whilst taking a break from filming the comedy, Help in May 1965.

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David Bowie--DB008DUFFY.jpg

David Bowie

The Aladdin Sane image was digitally remastered to a black and white negative format by Chris Duffy in 2012

Prices from £295.00

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Alan Parsons

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Bruce Springsteen

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Sex Pistols

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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was an American rock guitarist, singer, songwriter & arguably the greatest instrumentalist in the history of rock music.


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