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Glastonbury 2022 Revisited

We were lucky enough to have three Rockarchive photographers attend this year's Glastonbury Festival including our founder Jill Furmanovsky. Over the three days, they took a wonderful array of images that we shared extensively on social media. Sam Fender, Wolf Alice, Lorde, Noel Gallagher, Yungblud, Michael Eavis, Peter Blake, our team shot them all, but amongst all the wonderful photos we posted, none was more popular than a charming shot of veteran festival goers Linden & Geof Lynn taken by Jill.


Linden & Geof Lynn, Glastonbury Festival, 24 June 2022 by Jill Furmanovsky

The photo reached over 500,000 people on Facebook, generating over 40,000 engagements and 6,000 likes. Given the huge popularity of the photo, we wanted to give a print of the shot to Lindon & Geof as a memento of the 2022 festival and were delighted when we were lucky enough to recently make contact with them.


Linden & Geof Lynn photographed by their granddaughter Georgia Daniel

Here they are with one of their granddaughters opening the print from Jill.

Linden wrote: When we visited our daughter and son in law, Georgia our oldest granddaughter asked us, "Are you famous?" We said, "Just for ten minutes!" She and her sister, Leah, decided, "we looked really cool!".

"We have been delighted to see the interest people have shown in our visit to Glasto. Lots of youngsters say they hope they'll still be partying when they reach our age! When I watch the Stones close to their 80's, I hope we'll be able to keep going for that long. Not that many years to go".


Led Zeppelin performing at the Bath Festival of Blues in June 1970 photographed by Michael Putland

Linden and Geof are the ultimate Festival goers having been at the very first festival at Bath and West Showground, in 1970, run by Fred Bannister, which inspired Michael Eavis as well as the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970.

They have this to say about Glastonbury, "It really is the best Music and Contemporary Arts Festival in the world as far as we can tell. We've always loved the range of music and creativity shared with such exuberance. We also love the quiet areas where small groups and individuals share their talents. Enabled by the vision of Michael Eavis, a man of wisdom and humility. And run now along with Emily, where their joint view has successfully shown us all how to roll with the changes and encourage openness and inclusivity. This, at times, seems a world away from the competitive greed, beyond."


Sam Fender performing on the Pyramid Stage on 24 June 2022 photographed by Jill Furmanovsky

After this year's festival, we have come away with a renewed sense of peace, hope, and justice. The music this year was equally inspiring. We found the vitality of Sam Fender, coupled with a certain vulnerability, moving and offering fresh hope for a new generation. We've always enjoyed watching Beans on Toast.

Ultimately it's the harmony of the festival that draws us back. I lost my phone on the Sunday night. Last week it was posted back to me. Intact. Everything, Glasto ticket, cards, all there. That's what makes the place so special. It is a place of hope, trust, vision, and possibility. People who go there, feel that".

They echo Jill’s feeling as she approaches her 7th decade, "We have been part of one of the luckiest generations alive."

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