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10 of the Greatest Ever David Bowie photos

This week marks seven years since the passing of David Bowie. To commemorate the extraordinary legacy of the 'Starman' we have compiled 10 of his greatest images shot by leading music photographers across the years. The shots include work by Duffy, Mick Rock, Markus Klinko, Brian Aris, Alec Byrne, Fernando Aceves, Jake Chessum, Geoff MacCormack, Steve Rapport and Luciano Viti.


1. 1973, Mick Rock

Mick Rock's images of David Bowie are undoubtably some of the best photographs ever taken of the great man. From 1972 to 1973, the late legendary photographer recorded the early accession of Ziggy Stardust onstage, on location and behind-the-scenes and 50 years later, his images still define the aesthetic of the ‘Starman’. Mick Rock’s close friendship and working partnership with David Bowie continued for the next 30 years.

Mick Rock once said, “I do not use the word ‘genius’ lightly, but if David Bowie is not a genius, then there is no such thing.”

This particular shot below was taken during the ‘Saxophone’ session in London in 1973.

David Bowie by Mick Rock, London, 1973

2. 1973, Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy had the good fortune to shoot David Bowie on five separate occasions during the 1970s and 1980s. They collaborated together during the pivotal years of Bowie’s career, whilst he explored a variety of different personas, on projects such as Scary Monsters and The Man Who Fell To Earth. However, the photograph that Duffy is most remembered for is the iconic image he created for the cover of Aladdin Sane shown below.

David Bowie by Brian Duffy, London, 1973

3. 1975, Geoff MacCormack

Geoff MacCormack grew up as David Bowie’s childhood friend. In 1973 he got a phone call from the artist asking him to become part of his band, the Spiders From Mars. For the next three years, Geoff accompanied Bowie on his world tours, during which huge success led him to become an international star and one of the most recognisable people on the planet.

Geoff documented these years with a series of remarkable and intimate photographs. This shot was taken in New Mexico during the filming of The Man Who Fell To Earth.

David Bowie by Geoff MacCormack, New Mexico, 1975

4. 1991, Brian Aris

In 1991 Brian Aris took this stunning shot of David Bowie whilst he was shooting the video for Tin Machine's You Belong in Rock 'n' Roll

David Bowie by Brian Aris, Dublin, 1991

5. 2002, Markus Klinko

Award-winning celebrity photographer Markus Klinko has shot some of the world's greatest music artists. However, the stunning collection of images he captured of David Bowie during two extraordinary photo shoots at the start of the millennium have helped define his career.

This image was created for GQ Magazine in 2002.

David Bowie by Markus Klinko, USA, 2002

6. 1969, Alec Byrne

Early photograph of David Bowie taken by Alec Byrne in Beckenham in 1969.

David Bowie by Alec Byrne, London, 1969

7. 1997, Fernando Aceves

In October 1997 Fernando Aceves accompanied David Bowie during his sightseeing when he visited Mexico in 1997. This stunning image was taken at Frida Kahlo's Blue House in Mexico City.

David Bowie by Fernando Aceves, Mexico, 1997

8. 1995, Jake Chessum

Jake Chessum photographed David Bowie in Fulham, London in May 1995 on a shoot for Tatler Magazine.

David Bowie by Jake Chessum, London, 1995

9. 1983, Luciano Viti

David Bowie photographed by Luciano Viti in France during his Serious Moonlight tour in 1983.

David Bowie by Luciano Viti, France, 1983

10. 1985, Steve Rapport

Steve Rapport captured David Bowie in London during the video shoot for Loving The Alien.

David Bowie by Steve Rapport, Lonson, 1985

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