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Make this Jailhouse Rock!

Old Hampstead Police Station. Photo by Jill Furmanovsky © Jill Furmanovsky

A few weeks ago our founder, legendary music photographer Jill Furmanovsky shared her vision to see a disused police station turn into vibrant centre that celebrates our music heritage. We are delighted to report that this campaign, to find somewhere safe to park the UK's rock heritage in London, is gathering pace and support. 

The Police Station in a Grade II listed building in Hampstead, which as you may know is in the London Borough of Camden. Not only would this Jailhouse make an awesome education centre, it also has its very own listed Dr. Who Tardis outside! What safer place could there be?!

Here are a selection of letters published in the Camden New Journal in support of the project.

Letters received and published by the Camden New Journal (13 February - 5 March)

Camden local boys, Madness, have also backed the idea. As outlined in the Camden New Journal article below, Lee Thompson, the band's saxophonist, stated "I have visited this clink on several occasions but never for such a positive and eye-opening cause."


Article from Camden New Journal

Keep an eye out for further updates on rockarchive.com as the campaign continues to gather momentum