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Jailhouse Rock at ex-cop shop

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This week, our founder, legendary music photographer Jill Furmanovsky has been talking to the Camden New Journal about her vision to see a disused police station turn into vibrant centre that celebrates our rock'n'roll heritage, with an emphasis of course, on the visual side.

The former police station and court house in Hampstead is a Grade II listed building and has remained dormant for over six years. Here are some highlights from the article which you can read in full here. 

© Camden New Journal

"I love the idea of a police station. It makes me think of Jailhouse Rock and the band The Police", says Jill "I think it is a very punk thing to do to - to put a rock and roll museum in police station. Everybody would go for that".

The Journal reports that "The police station in Rosslyn Hill has been closed since 2013 and is at the centre of a long running planning saga over whether it can be turned into a school". In November planners blocked moves to turn the site into a school for a second time, a decision which is currently being appealed.

Jill continues "There is no circuit for the visual history of rock. The rock and roll era is nearly over, yet it hasn't been packaged up. If it isn't packaged up properly, it will be lost". She "envisions the sort after buildings being host to photography exhibitions, a shop, bar cafe and a space for grassroots musicians to perform and record. I think the cells would be fantastic you could have mini exhibitions there".

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