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Michael Putland Remembered 27 May 1947 - 18 Nov 2019

Michael Putland in his home darkroom © Photo by Sophie Putland

Rockarchive pays homage to the talented and much loved photographer, Michael Putland, who died on 18th November 2019

Jill Furmanovsky recalls, "I first met Michael Putland in the pit at the Rainbow Theatre in 1972. He was one of the regulars who would congregate there to shoot pictures for the weekly rock magazine Sounds.

Of all the photographers I found him the friendliest and most helpful, and so did at least two other rock photography colleagues, Virginia Turbett and Chalkie Davis. We were the beginners then and needed all the help we could get. In my case I remember shouting to him during one of the long drum solo that were common then, "Mike! How do you process uprated Tri-X?!" He shouted back laughing, "Microphen, nine & half minutes at 70 degrees!!" And I've never forgotten.

Mike also co-founded the picture agency, Retna, that specialised in rock imagery. I was with them for a while and appreciated the care he took to look after contributors.

Above all he was a great shooter. Many of his images have gone into rock iconography and can be found in his latest book 'The Music I Saw'.

In 2016 I attended a fascinating Q&A Mike gave at The Kino, a venue opposite the Lucy Bell Gallery in Hastings. In his characteristically modest way, he wowed a spellbound audience with highlights from his incredible body of work. That period was a particularly happy time for him that continued right up to his death as he had found a soul-mate in his wife, Sophie. Our hearts go out to her.

Mike's work can be seen currently at the Lucy Bell Gallery in Hastings in an exhibition entitled 'The Music I Saw' until 16 January 2020. 

Below is a small selection of his photographs from his huge body of work. All our collection can be found at www.rockarchive.com 

David Bowie, 1976 © Michael Putland

John Lennon & Yoko Ono, 1971 © Michael Putland

Pink Floyd, 1967 © Michael Putland

Led Zeppelin, 1977 © Michael Putland

Siouxsie Sioux, 1980 © Michael Putland

Tom Waits, London 1976 © Michael Putland

Mick Jagger, 1973 © Michael Putland

Prince, 1986 © Michael Putland

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