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Exhibition 'Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait' is Back in London

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait at the Jewish Museum London. Screenshot via YouTube

Currently on show at London’s Jewish Museum is an exhibition dedicated to the late Amy Winehouse. Unlike the extravaganzas of V&A exhibitions like those for David Bowie and more recently Pink Floyd’s Their Mortal Remains, this exhibition titled Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait is a more intimate affair.

In the exhibition are Winehouse’s personal belongings, family photos, and a look at her fashion sense. It’s been co-curated by Winehouse’s brother Alex and her sister-in-law Riva, and was initially held in 2013 before going on an international tour. It's now back in London on the sixth anniversary of the singer’s tragic death.

Various exhibits tap into the singer’s Jewish heritage and the traditions that her family, who weren’t devoutly religious but were immersed in Jewish culture, partook in. They include photos of a young Winehouse at events like her brother’s bar mitzvah.

This photo was taken at at Dublin Castle in 2007 during the Camden Crawl, a music festival over two days around the venues in Camden Town. © Stuart Nicholls

Along with an opening short essay, everything is captioned by her brother. And words from Winehouse’s own essays, ones she wrote while in her teens, are dotted around on the walls. Her old school jumper is on show, as is a school class photo. You can also see a guitar on display she owned and records of hers can also be seen.

There’s also insights into her hobbies and likes, her love of Snoopy and Sudoku, and vintage pics of her grandmother Cynthia who was an influence on her style and attitude.

Objects from when she was young are interspersed with Rolling Stone covers, along with dresses she wore while performing. But mostly it seems it’s about Winehouse as a sister and daughter and a family member, as well as the iconic and incredible singer songwriter.

Amy Winehouse at Union Chapel, London, UK in 2006. © Jill Furmanovsky

“This is not a shrine or memorial to someone who has died.” Alex Winehouse writes in the opening essay to the exhibition. “Amy might have been the most famous person in our family, but, as will become clear, she was not the centre of it. None of us are. We are a family with a colourful and eventful past, present and future. Babies are born, people get married, they get old (should they live so long), and then they die. This isn’t an attempt to tell people what my sister was like, or what kind of people my grandparents were, or to force my opinions on you. This is a snapshot of a girl who was, to her deepest core, simply, a little Jewish kid from North London with a big talent who, more than anything, just wanted to be true to her heritage. I hope this comes through, and that you enjoy taking in what it means to be a Winehouse.”

Amy Winehouse at V Festival Hylands Park, Chelmsford, UK in August 2008. © Mark Mawston

The exhibition is on at the Jewish Museum London, Albert St. until 24th September 2017. Learn more here. Watch a trailer for the show below.

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