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Janette Beckman

Janette Beckman is an English documentary photographer born in London and living and working in New York. She grew up listening to Tamla Motown and the Rolling Stones. Beckman started her career photographing the punk scene in England and New York in the 70s and 80s and has continued without pause. Attending King Alfred School in Hampstead, an alternative establishment "where the emphasis, both academically and socially, is on discovering and maximising the potential of each child" she discovered art, and upon leaving at 17 she spent a year at St Martins School of Art, and then three years at London College of Communication studying photography.

After graduating she taught photography part time at a college in Clerkenwell mostly to local punks, squatters and art students. She then started to show her art portfolio to record companies - A&M used one of her night shots of a Los Angeles motel for a Squeeze single. Commissioned to shoot the very first Police album sleeve she bought a Hasselblad camera which she still uses today.

In 1976 she began shooting for Melody Maker on a regular basis, 3 or 4 bands a week, everyone from Johnny Rotten to the Jam and going on tour with bands like the Undertones, the Clash and Earth Wind & Fire. Documenting youth culture and music her photographs were featured in the first issues of the Face magazine.

In 1982 Janette moved to New York. She became the chief chronicler of New York’s growing rap movement and in 1990 she published the book “Rap: Portraits & Lyrics of a Generation of Black Rockers” (with writer Bill Adler)

Janette has photographed luminaries from the world of literature, music, fashion, politics, sports and the media. Her work has been published across the board from Rolling Stone to Newsweek. Currently she shoots for advertising, editorial and music clients and is working on a book of street portraits.



Clash, The (CL001JB)

The Clash

Melody Maker sent writer Paulo Hewitt and I to do a story on The Clash. The concert was in an old bicycle racing stadium in Milan

Prices from £450.00
Jam, The (JA001JB)

The Jam

Paul Weller & Pete Townshend outside the Marquee Club, London for a cover shoot for Melody Maker in the summer of 1981

Prices from £900.00
Police, The (PO001JB)

The Police

From the photo shoot for cover of The Police's 1978 debut album Outlandos d'Amour

Prices from £350.00

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Backstage at the video shoot for the hit single 'You'll See' shot in Spain, October 1995

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The Rolling Stones

Charlie Wats, drummer with The Rolling Stones, captured in his room in the Halcyon Hotel, London in March 1991

Prices from £9,000.00

The Rolling Stones

I heard The Rolling Stones were doing a gig at the Roundhouse. I didn’t have ticket or pass. Waving my camera I blagged my way in

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Part of a cover shoot for Q Magazine shot backstage at The Point Dublin in March 1996 before the gig.

Prices from £350.00

Alex Chilton

By the end of 1978, with a handful of new songs he was itching to record, it was time for him to return to the studio."

Prices from £300.00

Joy Division

Ian Curtis of Joy Division performing at the Paradiso, Amsterdam in January 1980 wearing his famous 'The Sound and the Fury' t-shirt.

Prices from £450.00

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